The story of EMbather miracle

Embather is a miracle brand. Embather originally was a small brand selling simple handheld shower heads. Our founder discovered the existence of a huge market for high-end shower systems and customized the services. Thus, reforming it to a brand that can satisfy the needs of customers of all age groups in this 21 century and hereby creating a miracle


The key to establishing a brand is excellent quality and the key to knowing a brand is accurate promotion.


Our brand value is ' Greater the ability, Greater the responsibility'. Our company always participates in community mutual aid activities and hereby reflecting its social responsibility to everyone - responsibility to human


To fulfil the responsibility towards the environment, Our brand implements the concept of environmental protection and energy-saving. We want to leave what we value for the next generation - responsibility to environment


Embather values and focuses on user experience and has built an efficient and responsible after sales team who always listens to customer feedback to improve and upgarde our products. Embather's purpose is to put customers first and making sure they are happy using our products - share happiness